Application Management

App Store


App store is the digital distribution platform for dockerized applications running on devices. It supports users to view, search, deploy, and monitor applications on end devices.

The following are the major function modules:
  • Create
  • Delete
  • View
  • Update
  • Deploy

Public & Private App

Private: The App is only visible to and maintained by the owner.

Public: The App is visible to every user.

If an App needs to be changed from private to public, the owner of the App should be responsible for the quality assurance.

Application Management

Get Available Apps

Click EdgeScale Software Store on the top navigation bar.

  • Click App Market to view public Apps list page.
  • Click My App to my Apps list page.

Add App in Market into My App

Click App Market > Add to My APP to add one App from Market to My App.


View and Edit App

Click an App’s name to view the details of the App in Market, or edit the App in My App.

_images/app-view-1.png _images/app2.png
  • Click App permission to configure if the App would be visible to other users.
_images/app3.png _images/app4.png

Apply for a public store: Enroll the App into EdgeScale public App store with justification.

  • Click App Documents to edit App documents.
  • Click Edit to update the basic configuration of the App.
  • Click Add to add more docker run arguments.

Create App

Click Create App button to create a new App.


All the fields marked with “*” are mandatory.

Step1: Input the basic info.

  • App Name (mandatory): The name for the App
  • Description: The description for the App
  • Upload Icon: Upload the App’s icon

Step2 : Input the configuration info.

  • Registry (mandatory): Select the registry for the App container
  • Image Name (mandatory): The image name for the App container
  • Version (mandatory): The version of the App container
  • Commands: Shell commands, like “/bin/bash -c”, etc.
  • Arguments: Command arguments
  • Host Network: Connect a container to a network
  • Host Port: Container host port
  • Container Port: Container port
  • Host Path: Container host path
  • Mount Path: Container host path
  • Cap Add: Add Linux capabilities

Click submit button to create the App.

Delete App

Click My App > Delete to remove an App out of My App.


Deploy App

1. Deploy an App to device

Click Edge Software Store > App Store > My App > Deploy.



  • App Version: Choose the App’s version
  • More Arguments: Specify the “docker run” command arguments for deployment
  • Devices: Choose devices
  • Deploy App: Deploy the App to devices
_images/app-deploy1.png _images/app-deploy2.png

Click Deploy button to begin the deployment, then go to the task page.


2. Deploy an App to group devices

Click Smart Connect > Device > Device Group.


Select one or more Apps. Click Deploy, then Apps selected will be deployed to every device in this group.


3. Deploy Apps from task template

Click Smart Connect > Task > Task Template.


In this new page, we can preview and edit the template.


Click Deploy to create a new deployment task, then switch to task page to view the latest deployment status.

Arguments for App

1. Arguments setting of creating App

_images/app-create-step1.png _images/app-create-step2.png

2. Argument of deployment


3. Docker run command


4. Application argument