Bring your board to EdgeScale


EdgeScale is a cloud-based service platform. To bring your board to EdgeScale, the first step is to make the EdgeScale agent run on the board.

EdgeScale agent is a client software package running on the device side, connecting and interacting with EdgeScale cloud service. You can find the reference implementation for NXP Layerscape platform at github.


Currently, we only support Linux on ARM platform.

Software Dependencies

This section lists the software dependencies for EdgeScale agents and Linux kernel options for running demo Apps.

EdgeScale agent dependencies

EdgeScale agent is supposed to run on Linux. The software package dependencies are as below:

Package Version Comment
bash 4.4.18  
coreutils 8.30  
curl 7.64.0  
ca-certificates 16.04+ ubuntu distro
docker 18.09.1-ce running container
ethtool 4.19 ifconfig, ip
gawk 4.2.1 awk
grep 3.1  
hostname 3.20  
isc-dhcp-client 4.4.1 dhclient
mount 2.31.1  
openssl 1.1.0g  
psmisc 23.2 killall


Above are verified versions that can work with EdgeScale as expected. Other versions may also be workable but are not verified.

Kernel options to enable docker

Please refer to configure docker

Kernel options to run demo Apps

Please refer to configure demo

Enable the OTA Feature


In this section, we describe how to get the build environment and the construction process for bootstrap images.

Supported boards

ls1012ardb ls1021atwr ls1043ardb ls1046ardb ls1088ardb-pb ls2088ardb lx2160ardb

Set up the use build project

  • Install the repo utility:
$ mkdir ~/bin
$ curl > ~/bin/repo
$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
  • Download the metadata:
$ export PATH=${PATH}:~/bin
$ mkdir yocto-sdk
$ cd yocto-sdk
$ repo init -u -b edgescale
$ repo sync --no-clone-bundle

Building images

Take ls1012ardb as an example:

  • Setup build envrionment.
$ . ./setup-env -m ls1012ardb
  • Build images used to generate EdgeScale bootstrap images.
$ bitbake edgescale-bootstrap


1.Images will be found under tmp/deploy/images/ls1012ardb/edgescale-bootstrap.

2.To build images with optee, you need to add the following line to build_ls1012ardb/conf/local.conf

DISTRO_FEATURES_append = ” edgescale-optee”

3.To enable the ima_evm feature, you need to add the following line to build_ls1012ardb/conf/local.conf

DISTRO_FEATURES_append = ” ima-evm”

Please contact admin: for co-operation.